Saturday, 24 December 2011

Was it an ABBAlicious Christmas or not??

So, Christmas is (almost) over and if it was ABBAlicious or not, you can read here:

To be honest, I didn't ask for many ABBA related presents - I didn't ask for any actually. I focused very much on opera an books this year, what I certainly will do in the future as well.
However, if someone is interested in my classical music/Agnes Baltsa/opera related presents, check out my Agnes Baltsa blog - tomorrow please...-you can find a link in this post, when I posted my presents on my other blog!
However, I nevertheless think that this year it actually WAS an ABBAlicious Christmas! Now you ask why? "You didn't want any, didn't get any item and still you think it was an ABBAlicious Christmas?" you may want to ask now.
So, I tell you the reason: It's true, I didn't get any ABBA item this year. But does it have to be an item? No, of course not. My mother surprised me with a 2 day trip to Stockholm! It's really great! Now I can use my "ABBA guide to Stockholm":)
I first was so stunned when my mother told me, because I really didn't expect that!
I think now you can see, why I think it was an ABBAlicious Christmas, don't you?
We'll be in Stockholm in February and OF COURSE, I'll take pics and post them here;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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