Sunday, 31 October 2010

My own "Frida" :)))

A few weeks ago my guinea pig called "Pauli" died and I think after 3 days I decided to buy a new partner for June , my other guinea pig .So I drove to a cavy breeder and I bought two cavies .One I called Bella , after Isabella Rosselini (btw June is called after June Carter) , first I wanted to call her Ingrid after my fav actress Ingrid Bergman , but a guinea pig called Ingrid ....

However my second guinea pig I wanted to call Frida , but I thought .... that I will always call my guinea pig in this high voice , just as if you'd talk to babies and so I thought to call one Anni and the other Frid :) , but then my mother came along and said that I shouldn't call them Anni and Frid so I thought :"How shall I call my second cavy!?!?!?!"

Finally I decided to call her Synni , because Frida's middle name is Synni :)

Well here some pics of my own Frida :

She likes my "A Tribute to Frida" book !:)


  1. Owwn, she's so cute!!!
    I have a cat and a dog.
    I love them so much!!!

    OMG, this book have great pictures, now I can see!


  2. Synni is really cute and she can run so fast !

    Oh a cat and a dog ?I love cats !♥

    "A Tribute to Frida" is a wonderful book with so many fantastic pics , but I think too much ABBA pics..