Saturday, 16 July 2011

Why I don't like ABBA as much as I did 1 week ago.

...well i have to write it down somewhere and which place is better than this blog?

So the simply reason is: Björn's ( and I think also Benny's) attitude towards religion. Maybe it's wrong, but however. I always knew that Björn (and Benny?) is an atheist and honestly I didn't care until now. I found that video from some event in Sweden, where a woman performed the Swedish version of "Thank You For the Music" and I was kinda shocked about the line "who needs religions?". Being an atheist is one thing, but this isn't just unnecessary, it's propaganda for becoming an atheist and that's simply stupid and sh*t.
I also commented on that video, here's my comment:

---This is the first (and hopefully last) time I say "this simply is sh*t" to comment on an ABBA song. Why do atheists ALWAYS stand up and say "I am an atheist" ?Turn around, go away and shut up.

"Thank you for the music" actually is a nice song, but now it isn't a song anymore to me, now it's propaganda for not being religious.----

Actually I never really cared about the song "Thank You For the Music", I just thought "nice song" and now I can't stand it anymore, simply because of this dull Swedish version.

Now when I listen to ABBA I still like the music and it's still my favourite band, but I always remember Björn's attitude (saw an interview with him too) and that song, so I like ABBA much sad as it is. I KNOW that the music recorded by the original 4 doesn't have anything to do with Björn's atheism, but still I don't like them as much as I did before.....

I don't think, that Frida is an atheist (at least I didn't read anything about her being an atheist) and I don't know anything about Agnetha's religious attitude, so just leave the girls out of this post :)

If someone wants to comment some crap like "let others state their opinions too" or something else like this: Keep your opinion to yourself. I don't care about those opinions anymore.

Am I behaving childish? NO, because I want to keep this blog an ABBA blog, do you understand? If you don't: You don't have to visit my blog


  1. thank you Selina :) I always wanted to know that, but I never found out... thx:)

  2. Frida is a devoted Christian.
    She commented many times that her strong faith helped her deal with her personal tragedies.

    Neither Agnetha nor Benny ever spoke about them being atheists and I very much doubt they are.

  3. I have seen Agnetha wearing crucifix a lot of times, so I think she's Christian as Frida. I have read also that Agnetha is a big fan of the guru Deepak Chopra. So I think she is very interested in spirituality and is not an atheist ;)


  4. Thank you Karine :))
    and thank you George! I'm kinda glad that the girls, especially Frida are no atheists, because I'm Christian and, well my opinion of atheists you could read above...
    I just that Benny might be an atheist, because he played the piano at that event, but well I didn't know anything about his attitude towards religion :)

    So THANKS to all :)


  5. Meh. I don't really care.

    I must have read a while, the latest one by Marilyn sorry. What I meant was that I read about the 'who needs religion' thing a while back and I've watched part of the interview in which he discusses it, but it got off my mind a while back.

    I'm a Christian too, I think. At least, I believe in God and all, but I usually don't take other people's religions into account.

    But the girls are definitely religious. I can't name the interviews, but I'm sure I read somewhere about it.

    Nice post. I love ABBA. :)

  6. Well, I believe in God and for me is really sad that Bjorn has confessed himself as an atheist, but you know I think this doesn´t have to do anything with me as an ABBA fan, I have been an ABBA fan since I was a young girl and ABBA music is a very important part of my life, if they believe in God or not,well I respect that. Anyway I must confess that I am very happy that Frida (She is my favourite what can I do) believes in God; have you noticed that many times when She talks to the fans She has said "God bless you"...nice ah?
    At the end music goes directly "from heart to heart" and I love the message Bjorn send us through the lyrics of the songs....what about you?

  7. It's interesting that Bjorn's intelligence and sensitivity in his Abba lyrics were born of being born of the principles, hopes, opportunity, freedom and security of a western Christian-principle nation and then when he's a rich, fat cat he can turn around and moon it (sorry to filthy this e-mail stuff with such an image, I'll think of a better one soon, you can delete this one).

    I think that what him and his fellow atheists really mean by thier "there probably is no God so now you can just enjoy life" (best that I can recall that quote) is "it's nice to think that there is no God so that you can "EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY" and not give a damn about anyone else but you and yours with your big, fat bank account"

    It all make soooooooo much sense now, that, so to speak,I hear, Abba songs/attitude were anthems to that atheistic/hedonistic "EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY" attitude:::: they got their big break, their first number one hit,,, and a big market decades later with "Mamma Mia" theatre or whatever that was/is (never had the opportunity to see it),,, with "MAMMA MIA" which is one of the sickest songs in western-world history, it's all about, Bjorn lyrics apparrently, a woman sick/masochistic/withoutselfrespect enough that she can't set holy boundaries versus her man who is CHEATING ON HER !!!. That is, so to speak, "when push comes to shove" Bjorn has no principles but such as "survival of the fittest(the richest fat-cat lyricist)" and make whatever money you can at the cost of the morality and health of your nation(s) because "morality" doesn't mean much/anything, there is noone (God) to give it meaning, reward it and/or inforce it.

    Interesting that he, Bjorn, refers to Christian principle/hope/ideals in his(?) lyrics, such as "I have a dream, I'll cross the stream"(which, to me, is veeeery reminiscent of the wester hope of crossing the river... to the life after, in Greek or Roman mythogy/hope/sweetandholyreligion), like, I think, crossing over into Heaven, and he(?) uses the words "the gods throw a dice", or something like that:::::::: make money off of the sweet and holy hopes of people and then put a dager in thier heart with atheist PREACHING.

    I'm with all you people who think that Agnetha dear and Frida dear are NOT atheists, LONG LIVE ANY GOOD IN ABBA FOR THEIR SAKES !!!!!!!!! I don't know the divorce stories/reality but how in the world could dears like Agnetha Frida live with men as apparently atheistic, hard-hearted and two-faced(ie., again, the idea of them writing songs with religious principle/holiness in them apparenty 'just' for money and dagership) men like Bjorn and Benny (I just about threw-up[again, sorry for that image, I'll repent and find better words later]to see video footage of him prancing around near a piano(which is a holy instrument from God, by the way !)/whateveritwas
    at the Swedish proud-to-moon-and-dager (again, I may well find better words/image later) religious-dears "thankyou for the music" event. (Did I hear right, ?, did he put out a Christmas album after that ????? [see "two-faced" type comments above,apparently all the above applies approximately to him as much as to his internet-page-buddy Bjorn)

    no time to proofread the above but hopefully got enough of it across to ....

    David, a dreamer (not the phoney "I have a dream" just to make some money off of sweet believers type of dreamer) (the biggest, best dream of all is a dream that there is a "life after")

    1. Have you ever seen a poor atheist? I've never seen one. I am convinced that the statement, "Nations do well when they abandon religion," is a lie. In fact, from what I've seen in my brief 25 years of living, "Nations abandon religion when they do well."

  8. ... Did you invade my brain when you wrote this?! I mean, seriously, this is almost literally word-for-word what I was thinking when I learned about this! Duuude... *plays theme from The Twilight Zone*

    But in all seriousness, I'm glad to hear about Frida and as far as Agnetha is concerned, I know she played Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar. Granted, that doesn't really mean much, but then again, it could. :)

  9. There is no serious matter here , bjorn is just a big moron who want to enter the stratosphere of the big ones in this world and want to prove them he is like them , really , he is clever as far as money is concerned (grid) but philosophically , an idiot , the music of Benny is certainly masterpieces as far as we talk about ABBA Chess and Gemini
    bjorn lyrics are bullshit even "the winner takes it al"l is not poetry but just flowing feelings brought to the music which is emotional and self sufficient , the essential contribution of bjorn is to have chosen the best materiel (Benny is unable) and opportunities just like stig !

  10. Is it any different that American performers changing John Lennon's Imagine to say "And religions too" instead of it's original "No religion too"

    Religious performers ram their convictions down everybody's throats all the time and that's somehow fine, but woe me if an Atheist even dares mentioning the possibility of a lack of religion.

  11. This is strange because I feel the same way. I recently revisited Abba and was seriously enjoying their music again and then I started to read about Bjorn and his opinions about Jesus Christ and how he is an atheist and all of a sudden I am torn and don't like them as much anymore either. It's so weird that others are feeling the same way too but it's definitely the Holy Spirit at work in us. The pop/rock music industry is pretty much an evil empire but I was shocked that Bjorn spoke so negatively about Jesus Christ, it hurt. Agnetha is involved in eastern mysticism, yoga and the like which I used to do until I learned what yoga is really about and I just stopped. Frida married into royalty and unless you have been living under a rock their agenda is far from Christian. Any new age nonsense is not Christianity. Following Deepka Chopra is new age. I am not pointing a finger but speaking from experience in my own life. There is a reason God forbids these things and you only become aware of His word by reading the Bible and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. I try to listen still and then I feel guilty because I don't want to offend God, my Father.