Monday, 20 December 2010

Frida news about the thing with the "Qigong" temple

Frida looses millions!
In October Frida wanted her money back , which she (said she)lent to a Qigong temple in Malmö ,that would be ~6,6 mio. Franken (CHF)~5,5 mio Euros ,~7 000 000 USD !

That's a lot of money , even for a superstar , isn't it ?Would you donate so much money to a Qigong temple ?I wouldn't do that , I would lend the money to the temple ...however , that's my opinion .(I'm as always on Frida's site ;))

So they (Frida and Henry Smith , her boyfriend) sued the "Quigong " temple , or at least , they tried to .The case was dismissed !But that isn't the end of the story NO !Frida and Henry had to pay the lawyers' fees .A "small" sum of 26 000 CHF ~20 500 , ~ 27 000 USD !

But the two won't give up the fight.

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