Monday, 25 October 2010

Frida and Björn Autumn/December 2010

The Nation' s Favourite ABBA Song

~Björn and Frida have already recorded a series of "revealing" interviews which will see them "reveal all about their time in the band" and want ABBA fans to vote for their most beloved track to form part of a countdown on the programme.

In the programme promotion Frida said, "Discussing all of our singles was great fun. There are many fond memories - memories about writing the songs, recording and promoting and performing them."
Björn added, "We're all curious and excited to see which songs appear where in the countdown. The British people took us to their hearts, completely... and made us their own, which we are very proud of. It's very nice to come to England because it's like going home."

arl Magnus Palm will also be interviewed for the programme~

The show will be broadcast : Sunday 5 December 2010 at 9PM on ITV (UK)

Please help me !: If you can see shows on ITV and if you can record it on DVD , it would be so nice , if you could send me a part/parts of the show !Because I want to upload some parts from the show to YouTube , if you'd send parts to me , you will of course be mentioned on my video !

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