Saturday, 9 October 2010

A letter from Frida from 1987 to her fans

This is a letter Frida wrote to her fans in 1987 (to a fanclub) (I am happy she sang again :))♥♥♥
The picture ,if you don't click on it is very small , almost that little that you can't read it , so I write here again , what she wrote :

September 29th, 1987

Dear fans and friends,

I feel I would like to write to you explaining my situation of today and my feelings regarding the fanmagazines and the fanclubs .

I am very happy and proud of what ABBA has achieved and at the same time touched by the devotion that our fans have shown us in the ABBA group during the years .However , everything has its time and that is what ABBA has had.After the ABBA era,we - the members in ABBA - have in different ways broadened our lives onward to where we stand today .

Referring to myself , I now feel it is the right thing to make it clear to youo that my life no longer is music , but that I have chosen to go other ways in order to develop potentials which have always been inside me.My decision not to continue as an artist stands therefore firmly unchanged .My little part on the Ratata recording was merely a pleasant and amusing incident .I now have a need to move on and do not want to stay in the past , which for me are just memories .I want to develop as a person all the time and to use my experiences in order to continue in a positive spirit.

I want you to understand that I cannot stay with you in something that is passé and which to me has faded and only is left as a nostalgic memory.

Thus I would like to thank you all for everything we have shared during the years , and at the same time I hope that the Frida fanmagazines have outlived their days .In other words there is nothing left to write about which has to do with me as a person of today .I have shared with you my public life, and I would now be grateful if you respect my privacy .

Please try to use your energy for things that are important for your own developement and do not hang on something that no longer exists.

I wish you all the best

Frida Lyngstad

Again I say how glad I am that she carried on recording ....♥love you so much Frida !!!!!!!!Thank you Frida !!!!


  1. Hi Agnes, thank you so much for a wonderful blog! And keep up the good thing going, you never know who reads your posts ;-)

    Olivia Fred (that's an acronym btw ;-))

  2. Yes , you're right I'll never know ... :D
    Thanks !