Saturday, 9 October 2010

They sang "I Have A Dream" in the music room !!!

So the story I want to tell takes place yesterday :)
It's been another maths lesson in school.Right next to my class there's the music room and during the lessons I always can hear the other classes singing through the wall .Mostly my music teacher sings "Lemon Tree" ,"I Will Follow Him","Y.M.C.A." or "Country Roads" ,but on friday in the 5th lesson of the day I first heard as another class was singing "Lemon Tree" and I just thought ,that we/they always are singing the same songs.
Every time I'm in the music room I always leaf through the 2 hymnbooks we have (there are soooo many great songs like "Aquarious","Ring Of Fire" or "Satisfaction" ,about 80 songs in each book and we just sing about 4 songs in each book) and I found "I Have A Dream" in the one book I thought "I wanna sing that !!!!!!!!!Frida sang the lead , so I wanna sing it!!!!" .I found out that "I Have A Dream" is in the one book about one and a half years ago since then we NEVER sang it :(.
However on friday after they sang "Lemon Tree" I suddenly could hear a well-known melody and then I could hear "I have a dream a song to sing,to help me cope with anything....." and I was so happy !
Now maybe me and my classmates really are gonna sing "I Have A Dream"!!!I am so happy and I'm looking forward to the next music lesson :).
And last year I could hear all the "Mamma Mia"(musical) tracks through the walls because a class watched the DVD !But ,of course me and my classmates never watched the DVD .....I'm lucky that I saw the musical and the movie :)

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