Sunday, 14 August 2011

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Sorry for my recent absence, but I've been in Sweden for one week:) in Höör in Skåne. Somewhere in Skåne Frida owns a house, but I didn't find it and actually-didn't specific look for it.
So when I was in Sweden I went to a garage sale and I found(and bought) 2 original ABBA LP albums, Frida Ensam, 1 Agnetha album and the UNICEF LP from the concert where ABBA performed "Chiquitita" (and some others too)! The other LPs shown below I got the last years. I hope I can finish my ABBA LP album some day!:D

Hehe:) Bought Benny's new album in a Swedish supermarket:D
Actually many wonderful songs! Also kinda classical music-I love that! Benny still knows how to write music!
I got this "The very best of ABBA" last Christmas. It's so cool and quite rare:)
I like rare stuff:)
Zoooom guess what it is;)
Exactly! The LP of the UNICEF concert!!!

An ORIGINAL "Arrival" LP!!
An ORIGINAL "Frida Ensam" LP! The gem in my collection:)♥
Svensktoppar LP with one Agnetha song (don't ask me which it is I don't know) and a version of "Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan" not sung by Frida:( but still produced by Stig Anderson!

An ORIGINAL "ABBA" album!!
original LP
This LP is supapa troupapa:)
My very first ABBA LP:)



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  1. hi there is there a way you could upload for mwe the very best odf abba 1975 let me knowe if its possible marco