Wednesday, 27 July 2011

ABBA- and Fridalicious things I got for my birthday:)

For me one of the highlights of my birthday this year-the ABBA IPhone cover
The "ABBA-Super Trouper Deluxe Edition"
Nice video stuff on the DVD

Maybe you've already heard of the ABBA tetrelogy by Berndt Rieger. I of course got the Frida book, that's all I need from this tetralogy. I REALLY HAVE TO MAKE A REVIEW !I WANT TO LET YOU KNOW IF IT'S WORTH BUYING OR NOT.
As far as I've read "I'm not very amused" if you know what I mean, but more about it in a few days.


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  2. Ohh... I'm sooo jealous 'bout these great items you have... ;D
    In Poland there's only one book about ABBA you can 'get' (CD or vinyls of course too, but I hope some day there'll be a lot of ABBA-things in my country), but I haven't find it yet... I'm still looking for it in every book shop. BUt when I was last week coming back home from my holidays via Romania, Hungary and Slovakia I saw on the PETROL STATION (!!!) at least 5 ABBA-albums I haven't even heard about... Well, of course there were only the most-known song on those CD's, but I only wanted to show that in othe countries you can buy ABBA-items anywhere and in Poland I wouldn't find any ABBA-thing with a magnifying glass!! It's so unfair... Hey, when I was in Bulgaria some weeks ago I saw in the city of Sozopol (it's a well-know-near-the-sea-city if I can call it like that ;D) an ABBA-MATRYOSHKA (!!!) It was soooo great, but really expensive :( !!!! It had ABBA drawn on the first layer (Matryoshka is a wooden doll made of two parts: top and bottom and when you open it there's a next doll, smaller and so on). It was a drawing of some photo from late 1979/ early 1980 ('the winner take's it all' single?) and inside there was a layer with Benny, then with Frida, then with Agnetha and last, but not least Bjorn. It was amazing, but unfortunetely it costed too much money... Bout if some of you go to Sozopol then, maybe he or she will buy it ;D
    Oh, God... I just wrote again more than I should... I hope you'll forgive me ;)

  3. :D
    Sorry that I answer so late....
    Oh really? Well here in Austria I mostly buy things from Ebay or Amazon or in antiques shops I'm so glad I can get ABBA and Frida stuff here even if it's difficult sometimes....
    5 ABBA CDs in a Petrol Station??Really? Wow that's something you don't see everyday!:)
    What really?? That is SO cool!!!I really hope you'll drive there again and buy the ABBA Matryoshka (I know those dolls :)) even if it's expensive-because that's really a rare thing!!:)

    Ah, you can write as much as you want !:)

    Until then:)

  4. There is a number of modes, I am sure you will find the one for you. There is, of course the classic Dance Mode, where you get to follow the dancing figures on the screen, trying to match their moves holding the Wiimote in one hand (only one is required - corresponding to the gloved hand of the dancer). There is also a Story Mode, where you get to participate in a mini-musical with ABBA, enhanced with their original music videos, snippets from their tours and numerous pictures. And then there is the Karaoke!