Sunday, 14 November 2010

Small article taken from "Kurier" , an Austrian newspaper

Ha !Yesterday when I read the newspaper "Kurier" I found a picture and an article , the woman on the picture looked quite familiar to me ;)
It was Frida !;)♥
Anni-Frid Lyngstad (65):The Ex-ABBA member celebrates her birthday on monday and Queen Silvia from Sweden,a close friend of her ,is going to congratulate her.Anni-Fris Lyngstad had to accept many blows of fate.Her mother died ,when she was 2 years old,she met her father ,a German soldier of the occupying army,for the first time when she was world-famous.In 1998 her daughter lost her life in a car accident, her third husband,ther German golf course architect Prinz Ruzzo Reuß von Plauen,died caused by cancer.Nevertheless the woman spreads love for life and also considers a comeback as singer.

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