Sunday, 18 April 2010

He wasn´t there !!!!!!!

Argh ...... he wasn´t there .Everyone said , that he´ll be there !!!

However , on this concert I met someone , who knows him very well , and she (Elisabeth Wärnfeldt an opera singer) said , that , when she meets him again , she´ll ask him for an autograph for me.

And this woman teaches how to sing Wagner , or Richard Strauss .However at this concert they also sang parts of Kristina fran Duvenmala and one of the singers (every singer came from Austria or Hungary) once was with this Elisabeth Wärnfeldt in Sweden and there she (this singer not the teacher) met Benny AND she was allowed to sing the leading part in B&Bs musical Kristina fran Duvenmala one time !!!!!I mean , she isn´t an ABBA fan , but meets Benny and sings Kristina !?!?!?!!?How unfair is this ?I know every ABBA and Frida song by heart and don´t even have an autograph !?
However , I thouht , that I´m going to learn singing Wagner at the singing school , so that I can meet Elisabeth Wärnfeldt ->drive to Sweden->meet Benny-> and so on


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