Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I think ....

....I'll never ever will get rid of ABBA or Frida (that's good of course!I'm just "introducing" a new story;)).No really!I posted once I'd fly to Rome with my class .
Well, I returned Saturday .Did I like it ?Hmmmm no not really if I'm honest...It's been hot, at least to hot for ME .Youknow 28 degrees (or something like that) are too much for me, I'm more for the cold weather (Sweden here I come XD), I love when it's got 10 degrees or less - that's my fav weather ♥
However do you know how many stones there are in Rome ?Do you know that ???And I saw every single stone.....the only nice place was the Pantheon actually...and the Vatican ,but ok .
Everything was horrible there for me (we even made a trip to Pompeji and there it's even hotter than in Rome and there simply is NO shady place!).
But why am I telling you that story ?There was one moment that's been wonderful .We went to the Ara Pacis (somekind of a Roman altar god knows how old it is ...2000 years or more?) and we sat down (finally!!!after a looooooong walk in the sun) for a while and then a saxist came along and played some songs.The first song was "Yellow Submarine" .Then he started playing another song that sounded quite familiar to me ;))))heplayed "Fernando"!
I was totally excited !Well, but I was the only onethat was excited .... my teacher stared at me as if I'd be King Kong or some other strange thing....but I didn't care .I carried on humming "Fernando".

Well ....this was my only really happy moment there ....:)))

Some more pictures of our favourite group and our favourite singer...

Performing Cassandra at the "Showexpress" '82 .one of my favourite songs

Again- Cassandra and Frida's adoreable smile ♥(btw I really think she loved those earrings ,around that time she wore them quite often-they look sooo cute:))

again those cool earrings and her look just great

I think those outfits are quite cool :))

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